Minggu, 15 Juni 2008

Permata Biru Hotel & Cottages

Permata Biru Hotel & Cottages is private luxury hotel and cottages, conveniently located in Prigen subdistrict, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia, the beautiful place of 600 m above sea level - surrounded by wonderful of the green Pine's forest with sings of birds chirpping and twittering which flies around upon the hotel and cottages.

You can reach only 40 minutes drive south wards from Waru, Surabaya city by car through highway. 40 minutes from Permata Biru Hotel & Cottages to the interesting tourist destinations such as the famous Candi Airlangga (in the Penanggungan Mountain) and Arca Lanang and 10 minutes to Kakek Bodo Waterfall and Candi Jawi.

The incredible view of the top of Penanggungan Mountain could be seen from Deluxe Room in the romantic evening with the gold sunset. On a far away you will be offered a unique glimpse at one of the most spectacular light shows, capturing the glittering mood from the most enchanting Pasuruan city at night.

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